Hard Soft Night Guard

Industry Standard Ordered by Dentists

Kois Standard Hard Soft Night Guard

Made to the Kois Center Specification for Night Guards

If you want the best protection for your teeth this night guard is built to a special specification that is more intensive. This night guard is made to a specification from a world renowned specialist in research and reconstruction cosmetic dentistry. John Kois dedicates his time to researching and providing dentists with the latest and best information based on research. He has trained hundreds of dentists. These night guards take longer to make because of the extra time required to make sure it conforms to all of the specifications.

3D Printed Nightguard

Custom Designed and Printed Using the Latest Digital Printing Technology.

These nightguards are custom designed specifically for you. We scan your impression into a computer and design the night guard around your teeth. Because we are printing the night guard we can make it thinner or thicker in different areas to make it fit perfect. Besides being really durable and extremely hard 3D printed nightguards have the added benefit of being reprintable. If you break or lose your night guard we can reprint it at a fraction of the original cost. Simply call us with your order number and we will send you a new night guard quickly. No need for new impressions. The only thing to look out for is if you have dental work done the night guard may no longer fit and reprinting won’t be a good solution.