Guard My Teeth® provides lab quality night guards with the convenience your patients want, and the quality your practice demands

Make life a little easier for you, and a lot easier for your patients with Guard My Teeth®! This revolutionary Night Guard system combines dental lab quality with DIY, at-home convenience at a price your patients can feel good about. What's more - you earn a percentage of each sale.


With Guard My Teeth® the customer does the work for you, saving valuable in-office chair time and labor, allowing you to keep your appointment schedule with other patients.

This in turn helps increase your bottom line: you claim money on each Guard My Teeth® kit by taking advantage of the simple 3-step process, and enjoy the rewards of a maintenance-free, hands-off night guard that nets your patients a healthier smile.

The Guard My Teeth® experience is as easy as 1, 2, 3:


Sell your patient on the Guard My Teeth® Night Guard system, you can approach it like any other product or upsale service you’d recommend.


Give your patient your unique Guard My Teeth® Card when they order a kit - the code on the card is applied at checkout on


When the code is applied and the order is completed, you - the patient’s Dentist - receive a percentage of the sale price.


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