Our Founder started in the dental prosthetic industry 30 years ago as a tech at a local lab. After learning the technique he was asked by a dental office to start making dental prosthetics- crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, night guards, bleach trays, retainers. He started his own lab working out of the dental office. Over time he eventually outgrew the space in the office and opened a state of the art lab in a new facility. They specialized in anterior reconstruction. Anterior means front and reconstruction is as its name suggest the complete rebuilding of a beautiful smile. This is the most important and aesthetic part of dental prosthetics because it is the face of your smile. They work for prosthodontists and cosmetic dentists while also offering products online.

Working in the industry he was concerned that many people weren’t purchasing night guards after having reconstructions. After spending thousands to have dental work done people were foregoing a $300 appliance because of cost when it is the best insurance you can buy. The newer materials used in prosthetics are harder then your natural teeth and if you grind them they will destroy the opposing teeth. It was really hard to watch as people would spend thousands and then return a few years later and ask the dentist and ask why they needed to spend thousands more on dental work caused by grinding. He wanted to make night guards affordable while not compromising quality.

Guard my teeth.com llc

Soft night guards that can be purchased from Walgreens, Walmart or a local pharmacy actually cause more bad habits and can create TMJ problems. When you go on many of the sites you have so many options you can’t decide which one to pick. However when you go to the dentist they always prescribe the same option. Why confuse customers with more choices then what is good for them?

He started guardmyteeth.com under the premise of bringing real dental lab quality at a real savings. Hence the slogan REAL LAB, REAL SAVINGS was born. Now we are saving people thousands of dollars in dental work every year.