Real Lab, Real Savings

Why us?

You can immediately tell if you are getting a Dentist Quality Night Guard by the impressions they ask you to take. They are cutting corners to save costs. If you only take one impresssion (upper teeth or lower teeth) then it is impossible to check how the nightguard interacts with the opposing teeth, but it definitely saves on materials and time. No additional impression material, No opposing impression trays, No need to pour stone model, No mounting models and No quality control... the bottom line is you are getting what you pay for.  We have been making night guards for dentists for over 20 years. If we made a night guard by taking only one impression we wouldn’t have a single dentist purchasing night guards from us. Dentists charge $300 to $400 for a night guard because they have to use valuable chair time and usually two visits to have your night guard made. They are also taking responsibility that the appliance works as intended and isn’t creating more damage to your teeth. We use the same process that we use to make the night guards for dentists except you take both of your impressions instead of the Dentist.

With Out With

We pour models of your teeth and stick them in a fancy device called an articulator. This device allows us to simulate your teeth movements and bite. After we make your nightguard we check that it fits correctly in your mouth by using the simulator. We do our best to ensure that the teeth are hitting properly against the opposing teeth. We also check that the posterior teeth come out of occlusion with protrusion and check for canine guidance. Its how dentists require their night guards. We are making a professional appliance that is made to the same specification as our dentists require. We have purchased night guards from some of the other companies online and couldn’t even close our mouth because the fit was wrong. In fact the fit was so wrong on one that it would have put all of the pressure on our rear molar possibly causing more damage than having no night guard.